Why Beeline? /
Our Story

Beeline Group is celebrating its 36th year in business.  Apple released the Apple III in 1980.  Beeline launched in 1981.  We can’t claim a direct connection between these two events other than the desktop publishing revolution, which soon transformed graphic design, publishing and advertising.

This transformation, and in many cases disruption, has extended to reimagining business models from brick and mortar to online businesses as technology and automation continue to change how we live, work and think about ourselves and the universe around us.

Agile? Yes. Responsive? Absolutely! Are consumers’ habits, behaviors, likes & dislikes a moving target? (Rhetorical question.)

Today Beeline is unrecognizable from its business model in the 80s, but our core values, what’s foundational and solid since the beginning remain.  Creativity, craftsmanship, understanding customers and consumers, and what’s come to be known as Shopper Marketing and the Customer Experience (CX) at a blistering pace of change.

These qualities have become part of Beeline’s DNA.  We’re in constant movement, concept to reality to digital to retail merchandising and the engineering, manufacturing and logistics it takes to get there.

Possibility, opportunity, moving through the resistance to solve problems and reach deep into consumers’ hearts to help them find what they’re looking for and reward you with their business.  That’s our story.

Let’s write the next chapter together!

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