Why Beeline? /

Our business functions on a couple levels.  Our brand statement is “Concept to Consumer.”  This takes up a lot of space; the interior space of mind, the creative process, visualization, internalizing ideas, a feeling that takes form, then is externalized, communicated.  A concept is born.

From here paths diverge, take different directions, but now there’s definite purpose, efficacy.  We’re on a mission to reach our customers’ target audience and generate a gut response, beyond contact to connection to the consumer.

Next level – Connecting is about affinity, trust.  It comes from a shared experience, the customer journey.  The travelers are as different as Luke Skywalker and Alice Through the Looking Glass.  But what they have in common is on their journey, everything communicates!

Everything we do, every action we take, every image, every shape, texture, color is sending a message.  Our passion, bordering on obsession is to NOT leave anything, direct or subliminal to chance.

It’s less about control and more an active wakefulness.  Being conscious of the messages we’re receiving and sending, stepping into the expectations of doing exceptional work and creating exceptional value. Everything communicates.

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