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Shopper Marketing turns Retail Marketing upside down.  The focus shifts to the shopper’s perspective – What is it about them, how they shop, that captures their attention, interaction with the product and decision to buy?

Our integrated marketing solutions connect our clients to their target customers at multiple touch points.  We make the shopper experience not just easy and convenient, but compelling.

The customer’s journey may start online or in a retail environment, even bounce back and forth from digital to retail and back again in a single transaction.  So omnichannel is more than providing multiple channels to purchase.  It’s providing multiple points of contact to inform and engage the customer and guide them to make a purchase they’ll be thrilled about.

Our customized marketing strategies and applied technologies allow the shopper to connect with your brand on their own terms, curating a consistent brand experience across channels to deliver your desired result, more sales.

End-To-End Solutions

From concept, design, copywriting, production to fabrication and installation

  • Mobile Engagement – QR Codes, NFC
  • Augmented Reality
  • Proximity Marketing – Geo-Fencing, Beacons
  • Interactive Kiosks – “help me choose” product selection tools
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Mobile Content & BYOD real-time engagement
  • Digital Product Merchandising – including Amazon and Syndication
  • Digital Video
  • In-Store Metrics Capture & Analysis, POS integration
  • Interactive Images
  • Endless Aisle Solutions
  • Digital Advertising

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