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Customer Journey

The steps along the way that taken together, make up the customer experience.  What attracts our attention, engages our senses, establishes affinity, recognition…

“This looks good, feels right. I’ve found it. I’m getting it!”

Strategy built on the Customer Experience (CX)

We view retail environments, online presence, P.O.P. and product display design from this perspective. Taking in multiple dimensions of sensory input to convey a clear message and facilitate the purchase.

Art, Craftsmanship, Technology

We’re proud to have customer experience strategists on staff who honed their skills at Disney Imagineering and Universal Studios Theme Park Design & Development (Universal Creative).

Interactive technologies like NFC, QR Codes and Beacons can engage consumers.  We integrate these tools to fit seamlessly into your customer experience strategy, when they’ll enhance their shopping experience, never as a distraction.

Choreographing the customer experience

Does your display get people to stop, reach out, touch and pick up your product?  If it does, you’ve just increased the probability of a purchase by over 65%.

We address each touchpoint, every step; so that you control the story you want told, as only you can tell it.

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